StaffiNG 2023/24

Headteacher: Mr Andreas Huws

Assistant Head (Secondary), Child Protection, Risk Assessment, Accreditation, CfW, ALN Development: Mrs Dawn Hoban (UDRh/SMT)

Foundation Phase, Key Stage 2 Assistant Head, Policies, CfW, ALN Developments, Literacy and Numeracy Framework: Mrs Mannon Grieves-Owen (UDRh/SMT)

Senior Lead: Secondary: Mrs Sioned W Jones (UDRh/SMT)

Second Lead: Primary: Mrs Lisa Roberts (UDRh/SMT)

Business Manager: Mrs Liza Aston (UDRh/SMT)

School Administration and Support: Mrs Iona Ponsonby / Miss Llinos Williams (0.6) / Mrs Donnette Burke (0.4)

Inclusion Officer: Role abolished

Technician: Neil Roberts (0.1)

Primary Teachers

Cynradd 1: (Foundation Phase): Zara Roberts
Cynradd 1a: (Foundation Phase): Ann Pierce Jones
Cynradd 2: (Foundation Phase): Lisa Roberts
Cynradd 3a: (Foundation Phase): Lowri Carlisle
Cynradd 3b: (Foundation Phase/KS2): Mannon Grieves-Owen
Cynradd 4: (KS2): Aled Jones
Cynradd 5: (Foundation phase/KS2): Emily Thompson
Dwynwen (Special Care): Catrin Jones

Secondary Teachers

Canol 1: (KS3): Lowri Fretwell
Canol 2: (KS3): Sioned Jones
Ceint 1: (KS3/KS4): Kristin Friedman
Ceint 1a: (KS3/KS4): Einir Roberts
Ceint 2: (KS3/KS4): Huw Edwards
Ceint 3: (14-19): Aled Williams
Ceint 4: (14-19): Dawn Hoban; Tabitha Mead

Specialist Teachers

Expressive Arts: Gethin Thomas B.Add (0.4); Elen Hughes (0.6)

Support Staff - Primary

Sam Clutton (CALU)
Dawn Williams (CALU)
Elen Mai Jones (CALU)
Laura Roberts (CALU)
Gemma Hughes (CALU)
Gwenan Williams (CALU)
Ann Jones
Ffion Rowlands
Ffion Davies
Anna Hughes
Cathrin Williams
Angharad Thomas
Kelly Gerrard
Elen Mair Williams
Lois Hughes
Carla Eccles
Stella Jones
Ffion Jones
Emily Everett
Alys Jones
Laura Owen
Tamara Thomas

support staff - Secondary

Catrin Williams (CALU)
Nerys Jones (CALU)
Kelly Davies (CALU)
Llinos Roberts (CALU)
Chloe Parry (CALU)
Kay Ridings
Ceri Roberts
Islwyn Owen
Dion Williams
Alison Burford
Ceri Roberts
Jessica Tilbury
Lorraine Roberts
Victoria Stellas
Deian Elfyn
Iago McGuire
Jacqueline Davies
Calum Ridings
Tomos Jones

support Staff - Special Care

Jacqueline Ward-Davies (CALU)
Mary Roberts
Hilda Owen
Leanne Hughes
Dwynwen Burford
Staff Gofal Iechyd


Hub Wellbeing Officer: Jason Craig
Nurse: Tania Jones
Healthcare Staff: Hayley Morey; Gwyneth Hulme
Caretaker: Clive Jones
Commercial Services: Nia Hughes; Wendy Griffiths; Jacqueline Ashworth; Mary Owen
Cook in Charge: Belinda Jones
Kitchen Staff: Helen Owen

Management and curriculum

Andreas Huws, Dawn Hoban, Zara Roberts, Emily Thompson, Huw Edwards, Lowri Carlisle, Lowri Fretwell, Manon Grieves-Owen, Ann Pierce Jones, Sioned Jones, Tabitha Mead, Lisa Roberts, Gethin Thomas, Aled Jones, Aled Williams, Kristin Friedman, Einir Roberts, Catrin Jones, Samantha Clutton, Kelly Davies, Elen Jones, Nerys Jones, Laura Roberts, Llinos Roberts, Dawn Williams, Gemma Hughes, Chloe Parry, Catrin Williams, Liza Aston

senior management team

Andreas Huws, Dawn Hoban, Mannon Grieves-Owen, Liza Aston, Lisa Roberts, Sioned Jones

senior leader

Lisa Roberts (Cynradd/Primary); Sioned Jones (Uwchradd/Secondary)

responsibility for LAC

Andreas Huws, Dawn Hoban

Responibility Over Child Protecion

Andreas Huws, Dawn Hoban, Mr Peter Davies OBE (Llywodraethwyr/Governors)


Education Psychologist: Mrs Ffion Ellis Jones; Mrs Elenid Glyn
Welfare Officer: Ms Angela Bennett
Education Officer: Mr Aaron Evans
Special Education Needs/ Education Officer: Dr Einir Thomas

Health department: physiotherapy

The Physiotherapy and Occupational Health Service is provided in the school by the Betsi Cadwaladr University Local Health Board (BCU) for pupils requiring the assistance..

Physiotherapy Officials: Ms Susan Strange; Mr Mitesh Makanjee
Occupational Therapist: Ms Elin Pritchard; Ms Manon Thomas

Health department: speech therapy

The speech therapy service is provided in the school to assess and create programmes in order that teachers can introduce them on a day to day basis.

Occasionally the therapists’ work includes assistance for the use of electric and computer aids.

Speech Therapist: Carol Davies Owen, Cari

Proffesional Learning Partnerships and Networks

The School collaborates and works in partnership with a wide range of external agencies and partners in order to develop and improve the schools provision for pupils.

Governors: 2023/2024 Members of the Governing Body

Representing the Local Education Authority: Dr Dyfrig ap Dafydd; Cyng. Dylan Rees (Is-Gadeirydd/Vice-Chair); Mr Lloyd Williams

Representing the Parents: Mrs Iris Williams; Miss Carys Thomas; Mr Sean Snape

Co-opted Members: Mr Peter Davies OBE (Cadeirydd/Chair); Dr. Julia Morgan

Voluntary Movements: Mr Gwilym Pritchard;

Headteacher: Andreas Huws

Representing Teaching Staff: Dawn Hoban

Representing Ancillary Staff: Gwennan Williams

Clerk to the Governing Body: Iona Ponsonby

Attending Meetings: UDRh/SMT