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Our Curriculum Overview

B Squared Assessment Framework

The B Squared assessment framework, will help show the small steps of progress that our pupils will be participating and achieving throughout their educational journey through the use of both P Levels and National Curriculum Levels. These small steps will be looked at, and updated by school staff on a regular basis so that we can record the pupil’s achievements, making it a continuous assessment throughout the year. This assessment enables staff to know, plan and involve the pupils in their learning ensuring that they, like us, are aware of their journey. It also allows the school to share more detailed information with parents/ guardians of your child’s progress, giving you ‘real time’ insight into their achievements. We are currently using B Squared within the subjects areas of: Literacy, Numeracy, Science, PHSE and ICT and each subject is broken down into further components. This detail allows individualized learning for all pupils. For more information see: